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Psychotherapy Services

Elizabeth King Psychotherapy

Elizabeth treats adults suffering from a range of emotional, interpersonal, and psychological concerns.

While many of her clients meet criteria for clinical conditions such as depression or anxiety, Elizabeth also sees people without a clinical diagnosis. This includes people with chronic dissatisfaction with life, self-esteem or assertiveness issues, questions around identity or sense of self, and interpersonal and relationship problems.

Therapeutic approach: Elizabeth's approach is predominantly Psychoanalytic, and she is particularly influenced by the school of thought known as Self Psychology, or 'the Psychology of the Self'. This theory is interested in how people develop a clear and cohesive sense of self, as an individual with ambitions and ideals, able to fulfill and enjoy their potential. Disruptions to development in this area are thought to be the root of many emotional, psychological, and interpersonal concerns.

From this perspective, therapist and patient work together regularly over time towards an in-depth understanding of the patient's emotional life. This can lead to greater self-acceptance, emotional freedom, and a more cohesive sense of 'self', as well as a reduction in the symptoms that led to patient to therapy.

In this type of therapy, change comes about through exploration of the meaning of the symptoms, by developing a deeper understanding of the way the patient processes things and interacts with the world around them, and through opportunities to experience new ways of relating to self and others. This is different from therapies which primarily aim to directly change behaviours or eliminate symptoms.

This type of therapy will suit those who wish to explore their inner world, gain a better understanding of themselves, and of how they relate to others.

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